Alluflon has been leading the way in the world of non-stick pans for over forty years, building up a huge wealth of experience.
§ An experience that is constantly being invested in products of certified quality (ISO 9001 standard), appreciated the world over.
All are made at the company’s Mondavio plant in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, Italy.

Setting the trend for the future, in 2008 Alluflon introduced a revolutionary ceramic interior coating to Italy, bringing a whole new experience into the kitchen that was unlike anything offered by old-style cooking implements.
A great Italian company, with deep roots in its land and traditions, showing the way to the future in terms of innovation and style.



Alluflon manufactures its entire range of coated aluminium pans at its Mondavio plant, using the most advanced machines and with highly skilled staff. Every product is subject to constant quality-control testing to ensure that each one gives the very best performance.


An excellent conductor of heat and very light, and thus easier to handle, aluminium is an ideal material for cookware.



Artech (non-stick coating):

Alluflon selects and adopts the finest non-stick coatings available on the market.
Bringing to bear the huge experience it has built up over forty years, the coatings are applied using the most advanced technologies.
Artech is the brand name for Alluflon’s traditional non-stick coatings.


CERAMICA® is an unbeatable coating: durable and strong, it is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant Easy to clean and always smooth to the touch.
The perfect, healthy solution for deliciously crispy, golden cooking.

AertechOriginal Ceramica_01 Moneta:

The original ivory-coloured coating by the brand that was the first to introduce innovative ceramic implements into Italy. Moneta’s experience and leadership in this sector make CERAMICA_01® products superior in terms of both performance and reliability. CERAMICA_01® creates a compact, extremely dense, always smooth film, which ensures crispy food, easy cleaning, and a cooking experience that is unlike anything offered by traditional cooking implements.

Handles and grips

Alluflon uses only the highest quality handles and grips, with a particular focus on design and ease of use. Coloured inserts and soft-touch finishes make the handles easy to use and in perfect harmony with the latest colour trends in the kitchen.