CERAMICA coating is unbeatable: durable and strong, it is scratchandheat-resistant.
Easy to clean and always smooth to the touch.
The perfect, healthy solution for deliciously crispy, golden cooking.

The Pratica folding handle makes it easier

to stack pans and casseroles in the cupboard and dishwasher.

Technical specifications:

Body aluminium
Interior coating CERAMICA
Exterior coating in silicone lacquers
Heatproof handles in bakelite
Packaging sleeve
Suitable for all hobs except induction

  • Frypan

    Ø 24 cm
    Ø 28 cm
    Ø 32 cm

  • Saucepan

    Ø 20 cm

  • Wok 1 handle

    Ø 28 cm

  • Grill Pan

    Ø 28 cm


1. Remove all the packaging and labels before use.
2. Wash the pan in warm soapy water to remove any traces of dust. Dry it and wipe it over with a dash of oil, removing any excess with normal kitchen paper (this should be done periodically to keep the pan in perfect shape).
3. Make sure the heating element matches the size of the pan and does not extend beyond the edge; moderate heat is always sufficient.
4. CERAMICA coating resists high temperatures, so it will not be subject to alteration (even so, it is best never to overheat it when empty). Never leave a pan unattended on or in the cooker. Make sure that fatty foods never burn. Let the pan cool down before cleaning it.
5. A dash of oil is recommended when dry-frying.
6. If burnt, some fatty foods (sausages, bacon, etc.) may leave a slight stain. To remove this, fill the pan with hot water and some detergent, and then rub clean with a soft cloth. In the case of more persistent stains, heat up some cooking oil in the pan, clean it with kitchen paper and then wash it with detergent and water. In any case, slight discolorations cause no harm to the pan.
7. Avoid any action that might scratch or damage the surface. To ensure ideal performance, do not use sharp metal implements or cut food in the pan.
8. When using cooking pans on glass-ceramic plates, make sure they do not slip.
9. Pans with CERAMICA are easy to wash by hand with non-abrasive sponges, without using aggressive chemical products; washing in a dishwasher may lead to a loss of their non-stick properties, caused by the hardness of the water and the aggressiveness of the detergents.
10. To ensure prolonged use, handle with care at all times, making sure not to scratch the surface.
11. This kitchen utensil must always be used with the handle fully open, in the cooking position, and the mechanism must be fully turned and firmly and securely locked in place. Fold the handle only when the pan is to be washed or put away.
12. Never attempt to open the handle by turning the lower screw, which locks the turning mechanism in place.

5-Year Warranty:

ALLUFLON guarantees this item free from all production defects.
The guarantee does not cover damage caused by accidents or failure to observe instructions for use.
The warranty covers products purchased in the EU.