The non-stick coating by Alluflon.
With excellent non-stick properties, it is very long-lasting.

A collection of authentic oversize champions,

24 to 36 cm in diameter, XL is the ideal solution for those who think big in the kitchen.

Technical specifications:

Body aluminium
Interior coating ARTECH
Exterior coating laquer with printed logo and polished bottom
Handle and grips in inox steel
Packaging sticker
Suitable for all hobs except induction

  • High Sautè pan

    Ø 32 cm
    Ø 34 cm
    Ø 36 cm

  • 2 handle skillet

    Ø 32 cm
    Ø 36 cm

  • Dutch oven

    Ø 28 cm

  • Wok 1 handle

    Ø 30 cm

  • High pot

    Ø 24 cm

  • Round baking tin

    Ø 36 cm

  • Roaster

    Ø 40x28 cm


1. Remove all packaging materials and labels before use;
2. Rinse the pan in hot soapy water to remove any traces of dust. Dry and wipe with a dash of cooking oil. Use normal kitchen paper to remove any excess oil (we recommend that this operation be carried out periodically);
3. Use a heat source corresponding in size to the base of the pan, without going beyond the edge. A moderate flame is always sufficient;
4. Make sure the pan never overheats when empty. Never leave a pan on the heat unattended. Make sure that fatty foods never burn. Let the pan cool down before cleaning it;
5. Avoid any action that might scratch or damage the non-stick surface. In order to ensure best performance, do not use sharp metal implements and never cut food in the pan;
6. When using cooking pans on glass-ceramic hobs, make sure they do not slide on the surface;
7. Non-stick pans can be easily washed by hand with a non-abrasive sponge, without using strong and/or abrasive chemical products. When using a dishwasher, it is best to set a low-temperature, energy-saving cycle;
8. Stack the utensil carefully, making sure not to scratch the non-stick surface. This will prolong its working life.

2 -Year Warranty:

ALLUFLON guarantees this item free from all production defects.
The guarantee does not cover damage caused by accidents or failure to observe instructions for use.
The warranty covers products purchased in the EU.